Frequently asked questions

Where does Vascular Supply’s inventory come from?

Vascular Supply receives unneeded expired, non-expired single use devices from 400+ US and international hospitals. 100% of our inventory is unopened but mostly expired and is limited to non-clinical use.

Is the inventory sterile and is it in the original packaging?

All expired and non-expired inventory is in the manufacturer’s original sterile packaging, unless otherwise noted in the product description. Most of the expired and non-expired devices are in the original boxes. Some items are outside of their original boxes, but still in their sterile packaging. If you need the outside original box be sure to note that in your order. We do not have the capability to test for the sterility of a device before or after the label’s expiration date.

Can clients order inventory not posted on your website or make requests for additional products?

As we are not a standard distributor, we are not able to order specific medical products from a manufacturer. Instead, our supply is determined by what has expired or is no longer needed at our hospitals and is shipped to us. We do accept requests for inventory not currently on our website. Please email us at for items not seen on our website.

Can non-expired versions of available inventory be ordered?

Although most items are expired, on occasion, we do receive non-expired versions that we also have posted for sale.

Do you ship internationally?

Vascular Supply ships to clients around the Globe. Our pricing does not include International shipping charges. International Shipping, duties and applicable taxes will be additional.

Can we use our corporate shipping account (UPS/FedEx or DHL) for shipping to leverage our corporate shipping discount?

Yes, we will be able to offer expedited and/or international shipping with client shipping account numbers. Vascular Supply covers standard FedEx ground shipping to any Continental US location on all orders $500.00 or more. If order is less than $500, a flat shipping rate of $25.00 is added to the order.

What Payment terms are accepted?

Vascular Supply accepts major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) as well as PayPal. Vascular Supply also accepts corporate purchase orders with Net 30 payment terms.

How fast will I receive my order?

For ground shipping, orders placed by 3:00 pm EST Monday - Friday are processed and shipped the same day. For same day expedited shipping, orders must be also placed by 3:00 pm EST.